1. 18th Shanghai International Paper Expo, 16-17 September 2010, Rollianz
Lihua Paper Rolls booth is located in the international exhibition area
booth no.1628. Welcome to see our product samples on site!

2. High performance PolyUrethane Press roll covers and Composite Calender
covers are available now - Promotion period offers trial order price on one
time basis price per paper mill.

  Company News  Product Case Study
   Case--Victorgo Paper       2012.01.16
   Case--Sun Paper NanoCal Application       2012.01.16
   Case--RoliCal for JingDing Paper      2012.01.16
   Case--Sun Paper                   2012.01.16
   Case--RoliCost SP for Changshu Leeman Paper     2012.01.16
   Case--yinzhou paper                  2012.01.16
   Case--zhejiang mingfeng specialty paper        2012.01.16
   Show Pictures                    2012.01.16
   Customer Name                   2010.08.01
   RoliCoat-X Sun Paper Application                   2010.08.01
   RoliPress P-BDG Sun Paper Application               2010-08-01
   Show Pictures                         2010-08-01
   Case Study                          2009.9.17