1.Rollianz lihua has delivered 100 roll covers within 1 year.

2.We can be proud as there are not any claims up to now.

3.This is due to all of our employees have proven their commitment to excellence!

4.We will strive to continue providing our best services and products, to become most reliable strategic business partners.

  Company  Equipments

Rollianz Lihua Paper Rolls Co., Ltd:

  1、Established in 2008, is a Foreign Sino JV company by Rollianz Technology Co., Ltd and Tengzhou Lihua roller manufacturing company.

  2、Adopts the latest roll covering technology in the world to manufacture complete range of high end roll covers for paper industry.

  3、Recognizes demand for higher value in runability and profitability of paper making process. Major investment into the service center has been made for technology R&D, advanced machineries, and human resources aspects; providing outstanding new roll services with international quality standards into the market.

  Rollianz Lihua Paper Rolls Co.,Ltd strategic location in the Central China, Jiangsu province, Kunshan-HuaQiao town, makes it easy to serve the customers from Northern China to Southern China. The company is dedicated to R&D, pre-application services, and after sales technical services for all paper grades. The company implemented international quality control standards by using high end raw material with the latest state-of-the-art roll covering equipments. The highly trained technicians combined with paper making application team will insure the highest product quality that will meet your most demanding machine positions and achieve your paper quality requirements, without neglecting a higher cost to performance ratio.

  Our Sales Representatives have many years of experiences in the paper industry. They are trained to provide optimum roll cover material selection, combined with process optimization recommendations. Rollianz Lihua stands behind its product quality and follow up the roll performance. Rollianz Lihua has adopted unique customer service approaches by using the “one to one” Roll Cover Technical hservice, which will maximize your performance.

  Welcome to visit us at our service center !